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  The Asker

So what political Askees have survived the long night?


  John McCain, Always Outnumbered, Usually Outgunned

As long as there are Americans out there who feel they have been jilted by the system, I will remain tireless in my efforts to bring their concerns to the highest office in the land.

  George W. Bush

You mean you're going to bring their complaints to me?

That's a dumb thing to do, I won't even read them!

  Florida Elections Official

39,054... 39,055...

Al Gore  

I've become a Nobel Prize-winning champion of environmental causes.

Take that Bush!

  George W. Bush

Umm, I'm President.

  Florida Elections Official

39,061... 39,062...

French Ex-President Jacques Chirac  

Je n'appartiens pas ici!

  Old, Tired, Snake

I used to have an NGO; does that count?



Alan Keyes  

Uh, NGO stands for non-governmental organization.

I think that pretty much excludes you right there.

  Old, Tired, Snake

But we were U.N.-recognized!

  United Nations

Easy, buddy. We recognized you as a fringe group.

  Old, Tired, Snake

But still recognized!

Alan Keyes  


  George W. Bush

Hey, got any Tanque--

got any tankcoo--


Screw it, got any booze?

Alan Keyes  

Who, me?

  George W. Bush

Yeah, you're that guy from that commercial, aren'tcha?

I'm ready to tank-a-ray!

  Florida Elections Official

39,076... 39,077...

Alan Keyes  

Tanqueray? You confused me for a liquor spokesperson??

Tony Sinclair  


  Bill Clinton

Hey, any of you guys seen that porno askee?

I saw her just a minute ago! Nee-haw!

  Florida Elections Official

39,082... 39,083...

  Ralph Nader would seem that the Conversatron is unfunny at any speed.

Bob Dole  

Bob Dole!


  Florida Elections Official

39,086... 39,000...

  Florida Elections Official

  Florida Elections Official

  Florida Elections Official


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