About the Conversatron

What is it?

The Conversatron is a notional device that allows you, The Asker, to view and interact with a wide variety of nutsy characters from our popular culture, which we call Askees. You propose a topic, they respond. You can ask a question, suggest a topic for debate, make a comment, pass along a jewel of wisdom, inflict a scathing insult, whatever you like.

So what do I do here?

Read some of the current and archived topics. That should give you an idea of what goes on here. Read some of the current topics. Note that current topics are quite often very active. New replies will continue to trickle in on many of the current threads. If a new reply has been posted to a topic since the last time you looked at it, the link will be highlighted again. There, you're a pro. Soon, merely reading topics won't be enough... you'll want to create your own topic!

How do I create a topic?

Right at the bottom of the front page, you'll find the required form. Think of a few words to describe your topic. Type them into the subject field at the top of the form. Now, type in your question, comment or proposition. Make it as short or as long as necessary. Now, you are urged to take a few seconds to proofread your question. A little time here could save you some potential embarrassement later, if you know what I mean. Then press the "Post Topic" button.

Don't patronize me!

My bad.

Ok, did that, now what?

Now you wait. Go back to reading some other threads, or do your homework. If found worthy, your topic will show up on the recent topics list shortly. How shortly? It depends on "load". It may be nearly instantaneous. It may be hours. It may never turn up. But don't despair! You can ask as many as you like! Do it now, do it later, and tell your friends!

I understand, I guess, but what's the POINT?

Entertainment, humor, and that great feeling you get when you realize that you've just wasted an hour on the web!

Why create an account?

Good question, glad you asked. By using an account, you can be recognized. If you have a history of great topics, your future topics may be awarded more respect and replied to more quickly. Also, if your topic requires some clarification or extra info, the Askees will invite you to post on the thread. They can only do that if you're a registered user. So you may as well do it. It doesn't require any real info such as your name or email address, so we can't spam you or sell your email to bulk mailers.

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